Dog Grooming by Karen Harrison

Karen Harrison My career in Dog Grooming started way back in 1978 while I was still at school, I started working in a Dog Grooming salon on Saturdays and school holidays, at the time I didn’t know what to expect from the job, all I had ever wanted from a young age was to work with dogs so nothing else really mattered, just getting the Saturday job was like all a dream come true.

A lot of my school friend thought I was crazy and made fun of me! The pay compared to theirs was not as good, but despite all that I carried on. At the time there was not all the fast track courses there are today, not many people even knew about dog grooming like they do now?

It’s not the easiest job in the world and at times can be exceptionally hard work. But to this day I love my job! Not many people can say that!

In 1979 on leaving school I started my apprenticeship as mentioned it’s not like it is today. Then you started three years training and you worked your way up to the title of Canine Beautician.

Over the 35 years I have worked in a number of Dog Grooming salons around Coventry, Leamington and Nuneaton as well as running my own salons, I have also been fortunate and honoured to work along side Hydro-therapist, Vets, Behaviourist. Who all have extensive knowledge in there individual fields and who have helped me grow in knowledge and experience making me the Dog Groomer I am today.

Over the years I have also worked in Pet Shops, Kennels and Colleges, I have also worked along side Dog Trainers which is an amazing experience as it takes you away from the Salon life to experience dogs in a different perspective. The types of training varies from puppy class training, general obedience to protection or man work as it is sometimes called this is the type of dog training is used by the police and military, some of these dogs have also been used in TV programs such as Casualty, Prime Suspect and Midsummer Murders and have become stars in there own write.

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