Holistic Therapy and Reiki

Holistic Therapy over the years of working with dogs I have often wondered how I could communicate with them on a more understandable level. I have chatted to them, sang to them and given them lots of love while they have been in my care which has all helped. Then one day I heard about Reiki, I had never heard of it before, but it intrigued me, so I looked into what it was about and how I could use this in the grooming room.

I did my first level in 2002. After completing the first level I myself was still skeptical until one day I had a client come into the vets where I also work, the dog was 13yrs old, a collie and so frightened, so much so when I got it her into the bath she screamed and shook and screamed some more at one point I thought as she was so frightened I should perhaps stop the treatment for the fear of the dogs health.

Then I thought about the Reiki and gave it a go. Sain who worked with me bathed the dog and I just did Reiki, to mine and Sain's surprise the dog stopped screaming and actually started to relax, we continued and finished the treatment. I gave the dog back to her owner and silly as this may sound the dog looked at me and appeared to say thank you.

It was not until the next day that the full extent of this treatment came to light, the owner of this collie came back to the vets to ask what I had done to her dog as within the 13yrs after any grooming treatment she got so stressed afterwards that even at home she would hide for a week but not this time. The dog went home more happy and relaxed than ever before the owner could not believe it, nor could I and it was at this point I wanted to know more!

I am now a Reiki master and use Reiki as part of all my grooming treatments, in 2006 I was asked to do a program, Channel 4's 'Its Me or the Dog', this was about a dog going into Crufts for the first time and the dog got a third place in its class.

REIKI as mentioned is a complementary therapy which works well with all other treatments, training and medications. It is the use of life force energy. It is non harmful and is only used for the good, (there is no bad energy).

It works by the clearing of chakras which sometimes get blocked by stress, bereavement etc. By clearing the chakras this helps the bodies natural use of these energies to flow, this in turn helps enable the body to heal itself. Dogs unlike humans feel this energy, they are not skeptical they seem to realise that it is good and will cause them no harm. I have found by using Reiki I very rarely have to muzzle a dog.