Terms and Conditions of Grooming Treatments

Consultation prior to any treatment taking place we will first consult you to find out what you would like or expect from the grooming treatment, the grooming assessment will depend on the dogs breed and the coat type, we will then assess the condition of your pets coat and confirm with you if your requirement are possible to achieve.

Condition is very important; if your dog is groomed on a regular basis and is kept in reasonable condition we will do our utmost to follow your requirements. If on the other hand your dog is in poor or matted condition we will advise you of your options and give a detailed explanation of our reasons for recommending that particular treatment.

Under no circumstances will anyone in the salon be allowed to cause unnecessary pain, suffering or discomfort to a dog in our care. Once a full assessment has taken place we can then confirm the price.

Prices are base on an average of between 4 to 12 weekly visits to the Salon and will depend the dog’s style, the dog’s size, the coat condition and the dog’s temperament.

Cancellations where possible can you please give at least 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment as during busy times we may have people on a cancellation list awaiting an appointment this will give us chance to contact them it also means we do not have extra staff in when not needed. Help us to keep the grooming prices low

In the photo to the right you can see a grass seed embedded in the dogs neck which could have been fatal if not treated.